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Problem of the Month (December):
(Due: 1/1/13 and must attend answer day 1/8/13 for extra credit)

Track Problem: Jill and Jack start running at the same time from point A on a circular track in opposite directions. They each run at a constant speed and finish running when they first meet at A. Jill runs at 9 feet per second and jack at 5 feet per second. How many times do they meet from the time they start running to the time they meet at A?

Possible Solutions – Student Work

Problem of the month (September):

Rectangular Land Problem:  A man owns a rectangular piece of land. The land is divided into four rectangular pieces, known as Region A, Region B, Region C and Region D (see the figure below). One day his daughter, Nancy, asked him, what is the area of our land?  The father replied:   I will only tell you that the area of Region B is 200 ft2 larger than the area of  Region A; the area of Region C is 400 ft2 larger than the area of Region B; and the area of Region D is 800 ft2 larger than the area of Region C. What answer to her question will Nancy derive from her father’s statement?








           B                         D